What motivates me…

When I began teaching– nearly 30 years ago it was a very different world. However my fundamental motivation has remained the same.

Like you, I became a teacher to make a difference to children’s lives and the world.

My journey has taken me to work in a range of schools, but always in environments with particular socio-economic challenges and a high level of special needs.

As I, and the education world, evolved, I developed different specialist and leadership skills in a range of areas; RE, History, Geography, English, Special Needs and Safeguarding. I pursued these interests at national level- developing materials for the first History National Curriculum and as KS2 SATs marker; at local level as an advisory teacher, a multi-agency trainer, a NQT trainer, as well as at school level.

Making a Difference: SEND and Safeguarding

Over time I found my heart was in Special Needs; this is where I could really make a difference. However, moving to new school in 2008, I became a Designated Safeguarding Lead and knew I had found my calling. It is clear to me that in order to support children to learn, we need to work with their families and other agencies to ensure that they were in a place to be able learn. If children do not feel safe, they cannot learn.

My approach to learning and focusing on the whole child, engaging parents and other agencies has been very successful. OFSTED identified my key role, as a senior lead, in a school’s rapid progress in just over a year from ‘notice to improve’ to ’good’ in all areas. My leadership of Safeguarding has been identified, by OFTSED on different occasions as ‘outstanding’ and ‘exemplary’.  At the same time, pupil progress has been at least ‘good’.

I have set up SEA Inclusion and Safeguarding, to take my vision of what makes excellent education for all children and the key role of outstanding SEND and Safeguarding provision in this to a wider audience.

I love working with teachers to share good practice and building the confidence in others to pursue the vision that through education we can change the world.