Is the new assessment system becoming a Tower of Babel that will fall on those with SEN?

When I think of the new assessment system, I am reminded of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. At the beginning of the story, all the peoples of the world speak the same language. They decide to build a tower to reach heaven. When the Tower reaches too high, God confounds the people so that they all speak different languages. They start to fight, the tower collapses and they never reach heaven. I fear that this is what is happening in special needs education. Continue reading

Why we need to assess Dave’s dancing?

Education and teaching are all about enabling children to reach their potential. It is key to have high expectations of all. This is even more true in special needs education, where we have to identify and celebrate every small step of progress. But increasingly in a world dominated by data, OFSTED and floor targets, we are losing sight of those small steps and what we need to identify to assess children’s progress. Continue reading