The world of Safeguarding and Child Protection is constantly changing. There is a an ongoing stream of legislation, guidance, serious case reviews and hot topics  Keeping up to date could be  a full time job in itself. 

How it works:

SEA Inclusion and Safeguarding can offer you support to work out the meaning of the latest guidance by

  • e-mail notifications
  • hot topic briefings
  • personalised action plans
  • bespoke training  and advice to meet your school’s needs
  • support with escalation of concerns

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What you get:

You will get the confidence that you have not missed the latest piece of guidance and that you know what you need to do in response to it. In short, you get peace of mind.

Safeguarding Audits:

In the world of safeguarding it is vital that you providing the best possible support for the children in your care and that you are fully compliant with all your statutory duties and requirements.

A bespoke safeguarding audit will evaluate your safeguarding procedures and practice to ensure that your school is
• providing the highest quality safeguarding for all your children
• fully compliant with all your statutory duties and requirements
• ready for OFSTED and have evidence of your safeguarding procedures
• supported to provide develop and maintain an ethos that promotes children’s safeguarding and wellbeing.

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