September newsletter 18: Safeguarding all change

Dear All,
I hope that you had a good and restful summer. Things have been far from restful in the world of safeguarding with a range of new documents and guidance. Here is a quick guide to help ensure that you are ready for the new term and fully compliant.

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 went live on Monday.
We finally got the fully updated version on Monday, which felt a bit last minute. There are in fact very few changes from the version issued in May.
The chief additions are regarding
o Safeguarding Partners replacing Local Safeguarding Boards. This is a change people we need look out for area by area. Then update their policies as advised by the Safeguarding Partners as they come into being
o Reassertions about Data Protection and GDPR and that this does not stand in the way of safeguarding

‘The Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR do not prevent, or limit, the sharing of information for the purposes of keeping children safe. Fears about sharing information must not be allowed to stand in the way of the need to promote the welfare and protect the safety of children.’ (paragraph 75)

Please see my blog from May for details of the other changes and actions needed.

• Working Together to Safeguard Children was issued in July.  Again please see my blog for changes.

•  Disqualification Under the Childcare Act 2006. These changes were finalised on August 31st and removed the concept of disqualification by association. Staff who work with under 5 or under 8s for out of hours care can still be disqualified on their own behalf. However schools must no longer ask about people in their household or need to destroy all previous records of asking.

It is important that staff understand they need to disclose any convictions or caution that may be relevant and any relationships (on or offline) that may impact of their ability to safeguarding the children in their care. This should be included in either the safeguarding policy and/ or code of conduct. There are more details on my blog.

Parental responsibility. This is a clear and useful update and reminder.
• Information Sharing for Practitioners. This key document has been updated to reflect GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.  I have included the details in a blog. This is supported by
Data Protection Toolkit.  We are now on the second version of this useful document which again reminds us that ‘Fears about sharing information must not be allowed to stand in the way of promoting the welfare and protecting the safety of children.’
• There is also a really useful Data protection: annual check list 

As you can see it has been a busy summer. If you want further support, information or training for your school or organisation with any of these pieces of guidance. Please get in touch.

Best wishes

Since writing this OFSTED have updated their Guidance for Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills settings. I have added a blog underlining the changes and possible actions needed by school.

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