Information on DfE Guidance on sexual violence and harassment between children.

This new guidance is DfE advice and so highlights best practice, but is not statutory guidance. The Statutory guidance will come when Keeping Children Safe in Education is updated in September 2018.

It contains much that is new, while remaining true to the underlying safeguarding principles of

• protecting all children from harm,
• the welfare of the child is paramount
• listening to the voice of the child.

Sexual violence and harassment between children should be considered within the wider safeguarding context of the school and be consistent with the whole school approach to peer-on-peer abuse. Continue reading

Are you Ready for Safer Internet Day?


It is that time of year again! Safer Internet Day is coming up on February 7th, so it seemed a good time to review some of the resources available for online safety. The theme for this year is

Be the change: unite for a better internet’.

I feel that this is very reflective of wider concerns, particularly in a world where the new US president demonstrates publicly that he thinks trolling online and tweeting without thinking is just fine! This role modelling or lack of it and similar behaviour it makes allowable, mean it even more important that we are supporting children to develop the skills to keep themselves and others safe online. Continue reading

Thoughts on ‘Growing Up Digital’

On January 4th, Anne Longfield, The Children’s Commissioner issued a report ‘Growing up Digital‘  looking at the impact of the internet and its use on children. She reminds us,

‘The internet is an extraordinary force for good but it is not designed with children in mind. Yet, one third of internet users are under the age of 18’ (page 3)

The amount of time children are spending online is growing rapidly with 3-4 year olds spending over 8 hours a week online, while 12-15 year olds are spending over 20 hours a week. Continue reading